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Computer Chess
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 About Patches of Chess System Tal I (Dos)

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About Patches of Chess System Tal I (Dos) Empty
PostSubject: About Patches of Chess System Tal I (Dos)   About Patches of Chess System Tal I (Dos) EmptyTue Mar 07, 2023 7:39 pm


I'm new in the forum, I'm following the evolution of the two new engines Rebel 16 and Chess System Tal III.
I have 3 original boxed copies of Chess Sytem Tal 1 for Dos (as well as a copy of Chess Sytem Tal II for Windows 32 bit , a boxed copy of Chess System Complete cdrom and other vintage chess programs).
I kindly ask you if anyone in the forum has the two patch files for Chess System Tal 1 (Chess System Tal Paris-97 Paris-97.ZIP and Chess System Tal “Black & White”)?

Are there any patches for the cdrom version of Chess Complete System and Chess System Tal II?

Thank you for your interest and sorry for my not perfect English.
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About Patches of Chess System Tal I (Dos)
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