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Computer Chess
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 TCEC 26 Premier Division

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TCEC 26 Premier Division Empty
PostSubject: TCEC 26 Premier Division   TCEC 26 Premier Division EmptySat May 11, 2024 10:49 am

Final standings after 56 games:

1. Stockfish 38.5
2. Leela Chess Zero 36.5
3. Berserk 29.5
4. KomodoDragon 29.0
5. Ethereal 25.0
6. Seer 23.0
7. RubiChess 22.5
8. Stoofvlees 20.0

Note the big gap between SF/Leela and the rest. Also a surprise is the #3 spot of Berserk, although in blitz Berserk might already be better than Dragon. Rubi and Stoofvlees relegate to League 1.

Superfinal between Stockfish and Leela will start this weekend. More on my superfinal book over here:

Follow the superfinal live:

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TCEC 26 Premier Division
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