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Computer Chess
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 Bees, Social Distancing, And Chess

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Bees, Social Distancing, And Chess Empty
PostSubject: Bees, Social Distancing, And Chess   Bees, Social Distancing, And Chess EmptySat Oct 30, 2021 9:58 am

When their hive is under threat from a parasite, honey bees practice social distancing - link.

Honey bees have fewer than a million neurons, and probably about a billion synapses (link), and yet they display an absolutely incredible set of behaviours.

LC0 (Leela Chess Zero) typically uses a NN of around 130Mb, and without search (static evaluation) achieves a rating of something like 2300.

I am convinced that, right now, NN training is strongly sub-optimal: obviously I have no proof, but I believe that it's possible to do a very good evaluation with an evaluation function that's a lot smaller than most people think would be possible right now.
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Bees, Social Distancing, And Chess
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