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Computer Chess
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 SPCC: Testrun of Rebel 15.1a finished

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SPCC: Testrun of Rebel 15.1a finished Empty
PostSubject: SPCC: Testrun of Rebel 15.1a finished   SPCC: Testrun of Rebel 15.1a finished EmptyThu Sep 01, 2022 1:17 pm

Ratinglist-testrun of Rebel 15.1a finished. Of course, Rebel 15.1a played without the Noomen-book in the ratinglist-testrun.

Also take a look at the EAS-Ratinglist, the world's first engine-ratinglist not measuring strength of engines but engines's style of play:

(Perhaps you have to clear your browsercache or reload the website)

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SPCC: Testrun of Rebel 15.1a finished
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