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Computer Chess
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 World KO Champs 2021 Edition Approaches....

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World KO Champs 2021 Edition Approaches.... Empty
PostSubject: World KO Champs 2021 Edition Approaches....   World KO Champs 2021 Edition Approaches.... EmptyThu Jun 24, 2021 9:02 pm

Yes Friends the 2021 Edition of the World KO Engines Champs is 99.99% ready for action...with this tears edition by FAR the most difficult Of all these complex KO Tournaments to set up! Without a doubt there have been more engines come out in the past year that I can remember ever probably because of the NNUE engines that whose first Debut was on 7-2020 or so SF NNUE. Since then there has been a EXPLOSION of these NNUE engines and a increase in engines strength and a matter of fact in additionwith had an explosion of Javascript engines in the past year that also took quite a bit of time to set up and test...With all that going on literally I got buried trying to keep up...heck even Crafty almost came up with a NNUE model. It took months to do some light testing and then try and load and test some more..actually I was quite sad as there were many Strong and Legendary engines that had to be deleted and removed to make way for the Stampede of newer and strnger engines..Minic NNUE..Stockfish 12 NNUE SF 13 NNUE LC0 27.0 LC0 28.0 Honey NNUE.. CFish Igel...Mayhem NNUE Ditto ChiChi...Nicim NNUE..Stockfish Development..Fat Fritz...Fat Fritz with larger net SF with mininet NNUE...Ethereal.......Raubfisch NNUE....Eman NNUE SSE x64 (many) Brainlearn NNUE...Shashchess NNUE...Stockfish Learning...Sugar AI NNUE...
Fish Net engines...Black Diamond NNUE Beth Harmon NNUE...Vafra NNUE..Pedone NNUE
Gogobello NNUE...Marvin NNUE...somehow almost all of them are in..I might have forgotten a few but not for lack of many engine were changed the tournament draw kept crashing for weeks...finally it looks to be stable enought to run the tournament as normal....But let me tell you this up front..Without a doubt this is the strngest and most challenging Engine tourney in the HISTORY of Chess Engine TESTING...Almost ALL of the KILLER programs are IN and I can only see PURE 100% CHAOS! These engines are so Unique and the engine Parameters have changed so much as the year went on...Who knows who had the Right ideas or Direction!!...Large or small nets? NN.bin or Eval.nnue which is best? I watch these engine play for a year and even I'm not SURE!! I'm on the edge of my seat just thinking of the ABSOLUTE CARNAGE that is about to go down! "Lets Just see what happens..Shall We?".....I'll give it a little more time (maybe a week or two) to see if any more new engines show up then ALL SYSTEMS WILL BE GO...
Last engines in SF Development...LC0 v0.28.0 Eman v7.22 NNUE....Wasp v4.50 x64
Killfish v1.3 CTR x64...Invictus r-382..Romichess..Lozza 1.18..Tarrash Toy Beta
and Odonata v0,3,12 x64...NNUE type engines have been spread out in Various positions throughout the KO Tournament so you won't be able to progress very far in the event without defeating some sort of NNUE Chess Engine..This should provide a True Test so we can see what is to right approach going forward...Is it Alpha Beta Search...MCTS...NNUE with small data file or NNUE with a larger data file?... The Wins/Losses should tell the tale... Smile Wink
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World KO Champs 2021 Edition Approaches....
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