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Computer Chess
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 result of nodes matches

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Uri Blass

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result of nodes matches Empty
PostSubject: result of nodes matches   result of nodes matches EmptySun Oct 03, 2021 3:14 pm

I will edit it and it will include only results:
games are without book except all the opening moves for white and it means
I start with every legal move and give both engines to play both sides.
Condition 2048 mbytes hash with developement version of 26.9.2021 and no EGTB or adjudication.

Results should be reproducable by everybody

I may test also non stockfish engines later.

1)Stockfish 50K nodes per move-Stockfish 5K nodes per move 39.5-0.5
2)Stockfish 500K nodes per move-Stockfish 50K nodes per move 33-7(26 wins for the stronger side and 14 draws)
White as the weaker side made 9 draws and black as the weaker side made 5 draws.

3)Stockfish 5M nodes-Stockfish 50K nodes 37-3(34 wins for the stronger side and 6 draws)
5M nodes won 18-0 with black with 2 draws.

black could not win against 1.e4 or 1.f4 inspite of 100:1 nodes advantage.
Now same when 5M nodes per move get white.

5M nodes won with white 16-0 with 4 draws.
only opening it could not win are 1.f4 1.g4 1.h4 1.Nh3

4)Stockfish5M nodes-Stockfsih 500K nodes 27-13
5M won with white 3-0 and 17 draws.
5M won with black 11-0 and 9 draws
5M won with white only with 1.d4 1.f4 and 1.h3
5M won with black against 1.a3 1.a4 1.b3 1.b4 1.d3 1.e3 1.f3 1.f4 1.g3 1.g4 1.Na3

5)Stockfish50M nodes-Stockfish500K nodes 28-12(16-0 and 24 draws)
50M won with white 6-0 and 14 draws
50M won with 1.b4 1.d3 1.d4 1.e3 1.f4 1.Nh3
50M won with black 10-0 and 10 draws
50M won against 1.a4 1.b3 1.d4 1.f3 1.f4 1.g4 1.h4 1.Na3 1.Nc3 1.Nh3

Notes about matches that are not purely node matches

5M nodes per move is probably at similiar level to  60+0.6 based on my testing(60+0.6 won 20.5-19.5)
It means that 25M nodes per move is probably at similiar level to 5+3 time control and that
5+3 time control with 7 cores is probably stronger than 50M nodes per move.

I tried stockfish with 7 cores and time control of 5+3 to see if it can beat stockfish 500K nodes per move in most games

Stockfish with 7 cores at time control 5+3 could get 12 wins and 8 draws with white against stockfish 500K nodes per move and I believe that black should be easier because there are some bad moves like 1.g4 for white.
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result of nodes matches
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