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Computer Chess
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 result of queen handicap matches

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Uri Blass

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result of queen handicap matches Empty
PostSubject: result of queen handicap matches   result of queen handicap matches EmptySat Oct 09, 2021 8:57 pm

Opponent is always latest stockfish developement from 9.10.2021 with fixed depth 8.
Engines enljoyed a single core and 2048 mbytes hash with no egtb.

White played without queen d1 and played games with all legal moves:

part of the games are with fixed depth for the opponent and part with 60+0.6 time control for the opponent
The only winner of a match from the engines that I tested so far is Wasp Contempt 150

Wasp 60+0.6 Contempt 150 12-8
Dragon2.5.1 default 60+0.6 8.5-11.5
Dragon2.5.1 contempt250 60+0.6 6-14
Wasp60+0.6 5.5-14.5
Dragon2.5.1 depth 16 5.5-14.5
Dragon2.5.1 depth 20 5-15
Dragon2.5.1 contempt150 60+0.6 4-16
Stockfish depth 20 3.5-16.5
Stockfish 60+0.6 2.5-17.5

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result of queen handicap matches
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