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Computer Chess
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 SPCC: EAS-Tool major update

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SPCC: EAS-Tool major update Empty
PostSubject: SPCC: EAS-Tool major update   SPCC: EAS-Tool major update EmptyTue Nov 15, 2022 1:38 pm

I released a major update for the EAS-tool (Engines Aggressiveness Statistics-tool):

There are now 2 tools: The EAS-tool and the Gauntlet EAS-tool: The EAS-tool evaluates all played games in a source.pgn-file of all engines/players. The Gauntlet EAS-tool only evaluates the engine/player, which played the most games in the source.pgn file. The Gauntlet EAS-tool is IMHO a good thing for engine-developers, when they test their engine-dev-version vs. several opponents and are just interested in the EAS-score of their own engine...or for analyzing human players (search one player in the Megabase and calculate the EAS-score, without doing so for all of his opponents).

The scoring-system of the EAS-tools was complete rewritten and improved. Please check the ReadMe-File in the EAS-tool download for full explanation, because meanwhile the scoring-system got really complex...

Download the EAS-tool V5.2 on my website or right here:

(The EAS-ratinglist on my website is already updated with the scores of the new EAS-tool)
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SPCC: EAS-Tool major update
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