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Computer Chess
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 Analysis Board On This Forum

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PostSubject: Analysis Board On This Forum   Analysis Board On This Forum EmptySat Feb 13, 2021 7:34 pm

Just had a game against this forum's analysis board: it uses JavaScript and looks 2-4 ply ahead IIRC. Here's what you have to do:

1. open a thread containing a game in PGN format. Get a board in the start position.

2. click on the E8 square to open the analysis board window

3. lower the window so that you cannot see the main line

4. make a move

5. raise the window and look at the first move on the main line (being careful not to look at any other moves in the line)

6. lower the window

7. make the analysis board's move for it

8. go to step 4

The game was quite a battle - I had to concentrate fully: for most of it, the board was a pawn up and in a much better position - but I remembered David Levy's advice from the 1970s - a quaint old time when all computers were beatable: "Play for the end game"

As I reached the endgame, and it became all about being able to see a long way ahead, I started to get ahead, and eventually checkmated the bugger!  cheers

I don't recommend it - it's a bit of work, and I didn't find a way to save the game (when I closed the analysis board, all the moves were lost), but it was nice to have a little go!

The analysis board is a nice feature of the PGN board: I often find myself asking, "Why not that move?", and the analysis board is usually good enough to show me how the obvious move gets killed.

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Analysis Board On This Forum
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