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Computer Chess
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 Best way to blunder check repertoire

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Best way to blunder check repertoire Empty
PostSubject: Best way to blunder check repertoire   Best way to blunder check repertoire EmptySun May 02, 2021 3:37 pm

What would be the best and easiest way to blunder check a big repertoire?
I have my repertoires in pgn format.
One pgn database with my white repertoire and one pgn database with my black repertoire.
It are single games for each different opening lines, about 5000 openings lines for my white repertoire and 5000 opening lines for my black repertoire. Variating in depth between 6 and 36 ply.
I have tried different software. I want to avoid that an engine has to go over the same opening lines again and again.
I will have to check if find blunders are indeed blunders or not manually. But I want to avoid to many false blunder reports by the engine. So I think I better use a combination of minimum time and minimum depth.
It also would be nice if I could use some existing analysis to speed up the process. For example analyzed epd positions or bin books I can trust.
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Best way to blunder check repertoire
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