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Computer Chess
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 Life on mars (Bowie)

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Life on mars (Bowie) Empty
PostSubject: Life on mars (Bowie)   Life on mars (Bowie) EmptyWed Nov 22, 2023 1:14 am

Each evening.

Its clear that we need to make life on mars.

I know its “U.K“ in the 70s.
But hey, this was before the Brexit.

Today this island is lost. But 1970 it was alive.

To be honest i miss this island. As a good German i liked this strange island full of strange people living in fog and rain.
Eating strange things the rest of the world would not identify as food.
Driving on the wrong side of a street/motorway. Having no car industry but some strange companies producing cars out of wood.
Having a class society where teacher parents are poor.
This whole island was a strange and wrong society with people who belong to europe but can‘t afford it.

I met programmers in this island formerly known as „U.K.“ although it was not united not was it a kingdom anymore. They mainly drank their own piss arround london and had strange ideas about the world.
It reminded me on the fall of the romain empire. And i guess this is the reason so many left the country. They escaped brexit. Escaped the rain and the fog. And the isolation

Can this gap ever be rescued ?
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Life on mars (Bowie) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Life on mars (Bowie)   Life on mars (Bowie) EmptyWed Nov 22, 2023 11:53 am

Speaking from the strange island:

* "Life On Mars" is from 1971. We joined what was then the "Common Market" in 1973 (expecting to join a "market" - not to get taken over politically!)

* We could afford the EU: we were consistently the second biggest net contributor (not that you'd know that from the level of respect we got: basically, the EU treated us like shit on their shoes)

* When the Romans occupied Britain, they used to complain about it being a damp island - but fog and rain have their compensations: reduced sun exposure keeps skin healthy!

* talking of drinking piss in London, you weren't there at the 2000 computer chess championship at the Alexandra Stadium in London. A few of us went for a drink, and I insisted that programmers (and others) including Franz Morsch and Amir Ban try something uniquely British - warm beer from a tap. None of them died!

* We're not "isolated" - people are still coming here from literally all over the world!

* wrong video - here's the one you wanted:

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Life on mars (Bowie)
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