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Computer Chess
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 How CCC saturated my life

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How CCC saturated my life Empty
PostSubject: How CCC saturated my life   How CCC saturated my life EmptySun Feb 21, 2021 4:58 pm

1. My first job (I was 19) was part of a company called (C)ommercial (C)omputer (C)entre.

2. My second job (9 years later) was a branch of another company called CCC, forgot the name.

3. I was part of the founding fathers of the (C)omputer (C)hess (C)lub.

4. I test my engine with (C)ute (C)hess (C)li.

5. I am very much interested in detecting (C)omputer (C)hess (C)lones.

Off your soapbox you (C)razy (C)ompulsive (C)lown.
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How CCC saturated my life
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